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In Ahmed Nazi‘s Album “Ethbat Hala” or Stating a Condition, one could hear through the music that he is following his heart and being quite different in style than in any other work I’ve listened to. The music makes you feel entranced, thoughtful, and even curious at times. One almost... Read More
March 2014

Stambaugh Basses 6-string Quarter tone bass built for Nazmi

This bass was constructed for Ahmed Nazmi, and Egyptian bass player of enormous talent. He blends different musical traditions in a beautiful way, and needed a fretted instrument to allow for certain quartertones. Playing the bass with the extra frets proves interesting but doable, and definitely opens up new musical... Read More
November 2013

Nazmi receives AFAC grant, read his story

Music has been a part of my world ever since when I was a child. I remember my maternal uncle playing the piano and the guitar around me while I was a toddler. When I was turned six years old, my parents bought me a small keyboard and I started... Read More
October 2013

New solo album by Nazmi inspires and delights

Ahmed Nazmi will release his first solo album Ethbat Hala(Stating a Condition) on Sunday 17 March at the Cairo Jazz Club. The renowned Egyptian bassist presents a lavish journey through this ethnic jazz album. Nazmi has been known as the jazz bassist with the spot-on funky grooves. Listening to his... Read More
March 2013

The Man Behind the Nazmi

It’s not often you come across a classically trained musician with a style modern and unique enough to draw in a crowd of bright young things, but Ahmed Nazmi is just that. Playing music since the age of six, it wasn’t until he was 14 that he seriously found his... Read More
March 2013
أنا بحلم = Ana Ba7lam // Ahmed Nazmi - Ethbat Hala
  1. أنا بحلم = Ana Ba7lam // Ahmed Nazmi - Ethbat Hala